The Value of My Internship

Within a blink of an eye, I’m about two weeks away before the official end of my internship with CBSi. What would it be like working in a big organization? Would I be able to adapt to its business culture and environment? Will this time help to reinforce my aspiration in this career path? These were some burning questions that crossed my mind before I took the plunge 2.5 months ago.

As time progressed, the answers to those questions started to surface. On some days (maybe fridays) where the environment gets slightly more relaxed, the quiet and enables me to gain clarity about myself.  I gained insights into what I enjoyed doing, my strengths, weaknesses and character. Equally important, I learnt what I don’t enjoy doing.

I think as an intern, at the end of the day it is about measuring the goals you build against expectations. In this role, interns often get pulled in several directions and participate in different projects at once. Therefore, the key thing I learnt is to return to our goals once in awhile and ensure we are on track to achieving them.

Of course, the learning journey won’t be smooth all the time. Hiccups will occur somewhere and make us feel caught in the middle, lost and even frustrated. In this case, being positive, adaptive and pro-active have actually ensured that overall feedback and productivity levels flow faster.

Also, I have found that this internship experience with CBSi has boosted my ability to pay attention and stay focus. It is true that “Just as you practice stretching that tight muscle every day, the stretching gets easier and easier” The same thing happens with our brains. My focus points tend to be in the mornings from 9am-12pm. This is the time where my mind stays fresh and distractions are minimal.

To end off this entry, I like to share some of my work life-savers that made completing assignments seemed so much easier and organized.

1. List Things – eco-friendly web app that lets you take sticky notes

2. TeuxDeux – to-do list application built by swissmiss. Love the clean and fuss free layout!

3. Grooveshark – music streaming and radio stations. It’s never a dull moment when you can have your favourite songs to accompany you all day long!

4. Pixlr -online photo editor that does simple editing to your images. Stable and user friendly application. Most importantly, it works almost like an Adobe Photoshop.

5. Mindjet – Brainstorm, organize and draw mindmaps to manage your all your shared projects.


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