Simply Breakfast

There is just something so attractive and wonderful about people who can create all the things our stomach craves (and look good doing it). Last friday, I went through the idea of  “a woman in the kitchen” and it sure was a moment to remember. I vividly remember telling myself that if we were to end up with a botched meal, forget about salvaging it and activate Plan #2 – Have breakfast together at Ya Kun. Plus, I always felt that cooking for others is many times more pressurizing than serving oneself. In this instance, I didn’t find the experience a form of stress relief but it was rather nerve-wrecking!

Nevertheless, I’m pleasantly surprise that this first try did not hinder my quest to continue discovering my inner savage. Oh! We also realized that adding milk to eggs produces softer, creamier and tastier results…almost moving towards something like a custard. According to Master Ramsey, one of the reasons to add milk or cream is to cool the eggs down so they don’t keep cooking after you remove them from the heat. Mmmmmm….


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