Spaces of Places

How time passes so quickly…I recall dwelling over a long list of never-ending to-dos on Sunday night, wondering if I could ever complete them within two days and I did!! However, the most pressing task of sourcing for a CNET event venue happening in January’13 is still left unchecked.

Of all the variables  that can make or break an event, the venue is quite possibly the most important one. We thought of the traditional hotel ballrooms, swanky bars, spaces nestled among lush greenery, fine dining areas and even museums but each option had its own limitations.

Jubilee Hall @ Gardens by The Bay is unavailable on our preferred dates..

The White Rabbit has an impressive outlook but feels more suitable for weddings.

And of course, we can’t miss out the classic, spacious hotel ballrooms…

On a more positive note, I stumbled upon The Star Gallery today. At first glance, it definitely does feel more modern, vibrant and inviting compared to the rest. I didn’t even know this place exists until Dad briefly mentioned about it. Let’s hope things go well with this one.


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