Keep Calm and Write On

Good news (for me): After much procrastination, I was able to sit down and focus on completing my e-biz essay today! It’s my first essay assignment after about four months and I could feel how rusty my writing skills were. Most of it stemmed from the lack of ability to maintain the writing momentum because too many thoughts and examples were running through my head, I didn’t know where to begin.

As much as I’ve heard the value of taking occasional breaks to clear our minds, I can’t help but keep telling myself to complete it first…. So there I sat rooted to my seat for two over hours attempting to type coherent supportive statements and arguments. However, this mental game lasted only for a short while before I was faced with the block again. There’s a major disadvantage of typing out our essays. It gives us the luxury to go back, review and correct whatever we’ve wrote which is hardly possible in an exam situation. In hindsight, I realized I wasted so much time stopping to make corrections that it interrupted my flow of thinking.

I guess a good habit I should start adopting is to write first, edit later. An inspiring tip by Ernest Hemingway says that “the first draft of anything is is garbage” (garbage wasn’t the exact word used but something to a similar extent) Garbage is something honorable because it’s tough to improve on a perfect essay but really easy to improve on garbage! Ah…..enlightening moment indeed!

Somehow this makes me appreciate the existence of computers to aid our writing. Imagine people in the ancient days who had to chisel greek words on stone…..











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