Building Spotting

Beauty and art is everywhere in Singapore and some of the best discoveries are found in the most unsuspecting places. E and I were wandering around Hindoo Street last week and chanced upon these two eye-catching buildings. The first one features a HDB flat painted in a peach pink gradient while the other building was laced with intricate designs on electric blue. I really appreciate how both of these exteriors could inject so much warmth and energy at this sleepy corner of Little India.

It’ll be awesome to see more of such buildings in the heartlands. One example is these rainbow- themed flats painted in the 90’s situated in Hougang and Tampines respectively.

images via rememberingsingapore

On a similar note, the Singapore Memory Project is organizing a one-day outreach event where Singaporeans, both young and old can gather to share nostalgic memories with families, friends or interesting places we’ve been to.

This is something I don’t want to, it’ll be a good time to check out the much-hyped CSH coffee house!

poster via irememberSG


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