A Music Tale of Two

The burning question I’ve been asking myself lately. Will I fork out a hundred over dollars to catch them perform a part of the lineup for Laneway Festival? I’ve been giving it much thought and I believe I will not.

I honestly think that their delicate music should be savoured in somewhere calm and comfortable. Although the live experience with my friends will be unforgettable, there are several tiny obstacles that prevents you from enjoying the overall performance – shitting openings, standing next to annoying metalheads, sitffling hot temperatures, various types of smoke and drunk, people swinging their arms 360°. As a result, your attention span is at stake and you could possibly miss hearing ttheir suave and gentle whispered vocals. By the time you attempt to re-focus, you realize that the minimally strummed guitar sounds in this song has faded beyond the trees and bushes.

Unless I can witness Erlend Øye moving like that at Laneway, I will start to question why did I even bother attending at all?


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