Tuesdays’ Thoughts

There comes a point in our life where we yearn for new experiences, a change of scenery and a chance to say “this is where I wanna be”. Unfortunately, not everyone is given this opportunity and they end up settling for the next best option – a life forever living in a bubble; a mediocre reality that lacks excitement.

These days I learnt quite a few things about human connections, whether through conversations, ordering a cup of coffee at a busy cafe, hanging out with co-workers during lunch or simply walking on a crowded street with your partner, trumps using social media or devices anytime. We’ve become so reliant on a device to sustain relationships that we neglect the wonder of seeing a person face to face.

Currently playing this song on repeat. So delicate and stirring.

Looking forward a short “getaway” to Malacca in just a few days!


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