A Different Air

Good morning from my office desk!

It is true that our environment affects the way we work. We crave for offices to be designed in an inspirational manner, ditching the crisp white white walls for unconventional colours and layouts. Feeling inspired today , I combed the web to compile a nice round-up of modern corporate domes around the world.

Although Cartoon Network still sticks to the cubicle network, their office ambience is far from dull! Their employees have the freedom to make their cubicles personalized –  from funky walls to cartoon mascots. The quirky thing is that they have a robotic maid, Judy that replaces a janitorial staff too.


Corus Entertainment Behold for a new breed of of companies that stresses on efficiency, efficiency, efficiency.


M Moser Associates


DTac HQ in Bangkok’s Chamchuri Square office tower is designed to let its 3200 employees play and learn. Enter this modern space and you’ll be invited with the sight of pool tables, vending machines and a massive circular wall library. What’s really cool is also the Funfloor with indoor soccer, table tennis, running track and performance spaces.


 Onesize (Design) is a Dutch, Amsterdam based creative studio. So much natural light and space to work around with. This has got to be my favourite space of all.



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