Sulky Pout

photo (54)

It was one of those days. You wake up and there’s hardly any sunshine peeking into your room but just dull, gloomy clouds. Some mornings are just better than others. Unfortunately, yesterday was one of my worst mornings ever. It also didn’t help that my day at work wasn’t all smooth. If only I took a peek at my Kelli Fox daily forecasts earlier, I would have known. The descriptions were rather spot on…quite creepy.

“Welcome to a day full of phone calls, emails and other back-and-forths. Don’t wear yourself out. Do what you do best, as a grounded Earth sign; Pace yourself…………..On an active day like this one, you need your downtime.”

True enough, I managed to allocate some me-time after work. In the end, I realized there’s just two things that can really make my mood go from zero to hero. And that is being able to satisfy my food cravings – korean bbq saba fish + window shopping!! 

Note to all: When you’re in a foul mood, everything is bad. But the good things you appreciated yesterday, when you weren’t as annoyed, should be there – you just forgot they exists 🙂


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