Green Goodness

I made the move to purchase this little pot of goodness today. The first reason is because I’ve been searching for an all-purpose light balm as an alternative to Vaseline, which is almost finishing. The second reason is because the friendly people behind is offering a yummy 15% this Easter Special! So, after reading many online raves about it working miracles, I thought I would treat myself. I hope it does not disappoint. To be honest, I was half-sold when I read the Moa Green Balm contains zero preservatives, parabens, alcohol and lanolin.

Here’s more about the product as stated on their store:

“Crammed with organic yarrow and lots of other lovely natural stuff, this handy little pot of Móa Balm has many weird and wonderful uses.

Móa The Green Balm’s miraculous healing powers soothe, nourish and renew dry, itchy skin conditions, bumps, bites and grazes and works wonders as an aftershave balm and facial cleanser. For absolutely donkey’s years yarrow’s herbal properties have been used to heal and repair; keep a little pot of Móa handy for any little crisis!”

Enter promo code – sweet15 and shop away earthlings! (code expires on Friday, 29 Mar)


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