Zee Avi’s Swell Window

Sunday and Zee Avi’s songs goes hand in hand, especially this one from her album Ghostbird, 2011.

(photo from deersummer’s flickr roll)

Lately, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a film camera. Since the arrival of the iPhones and other mobile devices, I feel that most of us are slowly losing our appreciation of what true, meaningful photos are. True photography, as a craft takes hours. These days, it takes seconds! It is true that you can take surprisingly good photographs with your phones these days. The quality is not as grainy as before, the lenses are not bad too, but yet I dearly miss the times when we have to process photos.

Since the holidays started, I have also started to pay more attention to how I take photos, be it with my iPhone or digital camera. I begin to learn about the rule of thirds, photo compositions and how to focus an image perfectly. With this said, I’m not implying we should abandon our current Instagram-ish behaviour totally. But if we want to learn photography as an art form, let us not constrain the possibilities to just our mobile devices.

Talking about film cameras, I think it’ll be really interesting to live life from his perspective.


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