3, 2, 1..Action

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Heya Internet stranger! This is the debut and official inaugural post for 2014. Yes, six months into the year and this sleepy enclave has awakened.  Thanks for dropping by this neglected space where I used to share little bits and pieces of my life. When I first started out writing a few years ago, I thought blogging could be one of my favorite past time activities. Hell was I wrong..maintaining a blog can be a lot of work. The three essential ingredients to maintaining a successful blog is to stay consistent, disciplined and passionate about the topics you write about, and the former two ingredients were obviously missing.

At times, I think bloggers out there write because they feel a sense of obligation to their readers to provide interesting content, or a mental liability of some sorts. Slowly, it becomes less enjoyable. I felt the same way previously and naturally, that motivation for churning out new posts was short-lived. As I attempt to jump back on the blogging bandwagon, I will do my best to write on topics I really care about. Who knows I may chicken out in the coming weeks…months..but I figured I have to deal with this challenge and see where this takes me. On the Internet, there’s billions of websites and content fighting for our attention. Fact: there’s more than enough content on the web already. Way more than enough. If this blog was to succumb to meaningless #selfies, then I guess there’s not much value to be gained for you readers. So, what’s in store for the future of A Curious Crate?

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As the title hints, this blog is all about staying curious. I believe as we stay curious about things, it will ignite ideas and passions we didn’t know existed. When I was in Thailand around late 2013, I was sitting at a leather craft shop in Chatuchak and curiosity hit me then. How will the market demand for affordable handmade leather goods be like among young adults in Singapore? “Hesitate no further! Just try it out and see what happens”, I thought. And so fast forward to today, three other good pals and I formed The Walnut Troop – a brand that focuses on bringing handmade leather goods to the community. The responses received so far have been encouraging and we’re sure taking baby steps to uncover its full potential.

My point is..curiosity has many guises. It could be spending time catching up with your favorite K Drama, taking a left turn instead of a right turn just to see where you’ll end up or experimenting with how Avocado + Honey work wonders on your skin. The focus of this blog will thus vary across topics on innovation, crafts and color, beauty/skincare, guerrilla marketing, music, cafe visits, travel experiences, movies and articles I read and will like to share with you guys. Plus, as I transition into the next phase of my life into the working world, I feel there’s no better time to practice writing and sharing ideas than NOW! This space shall be a place where I can retreat to or digress each week.

So, come along with me and let’s roll together. Oh! And may I add that what spurred me to revive this blog was due to an accidental stumbling of this free WordPress theme. I like this whole uncluttered look and this easy-reading font face. You know, as they say, “Tidy Place, Tidy Mind” !


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