Morning Rush Hour Quotes

Obama ‘a good, fun dad’

He also joked on NBC’s Today show that he sought a second term so the Secret Service could keep a close eye on 13-year-old Sasha and 15-year-old Malia. – Agence France-Press

A Tough Problem to Wash Away

It is cliche to say that India is full of contradictions. But the fact that it can send rockets into space, produce billionaires who run global leviathans and explode nuclear devices while failing to build toilets is perhaps the starkest of them all. The gang rape of two teenage girls in Uttar Pradesh on May 28 highlighted the dangers for women of having no toilet in their homes. The girls went out into the fields at night where they were raped and killed. – Amrit Dhillon, The Straits Times

Going Online to Find Babies for Adoption

With fewer babies to adopt here in the past decade, some people are turning to online forums to look for a baby or give their child up for adoption….the trend appears to have emerged in the past two years and echoes similar trends in countries like the US and China, as the demand for babies exceeds supply globally. – Theresa Tan, The Straits Times


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