Milk Tea

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From the editors of Matilda mag, “we hope to inspire an OMG or WTF, make you contemplate or simply provide accompaniment to your Battleshits session in the loo. Or, feel free to rip us up; bin us; chuck us through your shredder and line your bunny cage with our remnants….”

I picked up a complimentary copy of this local publication at Orchard Gateway last week and really enjoyed reading their quirky feature stories. One section under Fact Bag reads, “In Dongyang, China, there is a well-loved delicacy called “virgin boy eggs” or “tong zi dan”, which are made by soaking and boiling eggs in urine collected from young boys.”

Check out there Facebook page here.

20140629-102114-37274215.jpg 20140629-102113-37273559.jpg

Anyone knows where Muji milk tea went? It’s been ages since I last saw it on the shelves.


When there’s a sale, there’s trouble. I came across this white top at COS. Something about the mesh lining I really like. E commented it is slightly baggy so I’m in two minds about it. Plus, it is rather costly to begin with. Whenever there’s an urge to splurge, my 5-day rule sets in. I simply delay gratification by another five more days to see if I still yearn it as much. Of course, this method can also lead to grief when you realized it’s sold out. Oh well….shopping isn’t that therapeutic after all.


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