Hi, Bye Saturday


Hello fellow earthlings! How has your week been going? It’s 12:51am now and I am slowly sipping the last bit of green tea. Finally there’s some time tonight for me to enjoy this playlist. I’ve tried listening to music on Spotify and Youtube…but always find myself going back to Soundcloud. It’s simple to discover great tunes and let you hear more of what you love.

Glad that weeks of planning for my toastmasters’ club 10th Anniversary were paid off tonight. All I’m really looking forward to now is to linger a little longer in bed tomorrow. First week of work just swam by like that. It was filled with so many firsts..I shall share more about this again soon. Navigating the world of work is a pretty confining activity. We’re constantly seeking answers for ourselves. We try to make sense of our experiences and relationships. We’ve cast ourselves far and wide into this new environment and now we’re trying to find ways to bring unity to feelings and situations that seem so foreign.

E’s picks are the best.



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