Three Doors Down

(credits to elephantine)

I’m officially into my 3rd week of work! The past week saw me rushing for a couple of deadlines, meeting new people, being at new places and tasting six types wines at one meal. A progress of sorts, I suppose. We all consume advertising all day long, in many different forms but we hardly ever pause and think what goes on behind the scenes of an ad production. The world of newspapers is a fascinating one, especially when we are living in an ever-growing digital environment. I pray this journey will be an exciting and enjoyable one. Like one colleague commented yesterday, we are at the age where we have to learn to “rough it out”.

How are you enjoying your weekend? I’ve got about two more hours to rest at home before I head out to Straits Times’ Health and You exhibition. Burnt weekend for sure. Thankfully, I managed to squeeze in ample time on friday night to organize a friend’s farewell dinner @ Timbre. We sang songs at the top of our voices and nobody bothered to say anything even if we sang out of tune. Awesome bunch of friends! 

Can’t wait to spend some time with Mr E after the event and a few other girl friends next week. It’s been too long.

photo 3 (9) photo 2 (14) photo 4 (5)


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