Speak For Yourself


Sharing an interesting article by Dave Mather, Epoch Times

“Over the years, I’ve listened to thousands of business people in conversations ranging from one-on-ones to those in front of audiences of several thousand.

A common speech phenomenon is “universal speaking”. This involves speaking for others as if we are all the same. It’s innocent enough, except if clouds our speech and tends to alienate others.

I’ve heard people switch almost mid-sentence, shifting from speaking for the “I” to speaking for the universal “we” or “you”.

For example, instead of saying, “You need to set meaningful goals,” we might say “it’s important we set meaningful goals,” and this including both the speaker and the listeners.

…Reason? We develop this competency first through awareness – observing how others use universal speaking, then reviewing our own thoughts and disciplining ourselves to clean up our speech. “


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