Lychee Tea and Karaage

Saturday night’s dinner at Bibigo. I love chicken karaage. However, yesterday’s one was slightly dry and stiff, didn’t like it. Their kimchi fried rice is awesome though!

We finally adjourned at “Supply and Demand” cafe/bar at Esplanade. My first time there but definitely not the last. Good music, view and good company, what more could I ask for?





In Between Work and Play

Lately I’ve been,

Watching | Shark Tank – an american television series about entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas to a panel of angel investors/”sharks”. I started watching this reality show a few weeks ago when my prelims revision was on-going. While this isn’t a productive habit, it tends to help free my mind. After randomly selecting an episode to watch, I was hooked and intrigued by the entrepreneurship aspect the show presented. Most of the start up ideas are refreshing, creative and some ideas really make one goes, “Ah…..why didn’t I think of this?”.  I give 9/10 popcorns for its entertainment and educational value. Here’s two of my favorite episodes:

Dr. PlateTopper, Part 1:

Part 2

Enjoying | A taste of freedom for two days before I returned to work. E and I settled for a peaceful retreat back to nature, something we could focus on the present moment and nothing else. Nestled in a remote area in Sembawang, anyone with a one-star certification can rent a kayak at $15 for two hours, access to lockers and showering facilities included. I think the original intent of recharging my battery failed because I underestimated the amount of energy I have to invest in this sport! The terrain was also rugged, no white sandy beach or turquoise seas making the loading/unloading of kayaks cumbersome. Nevertheless, we had fun and will be back again soon! Check this site for more info on rentals.

Yesterday, I also tasted really good siew mais and Fujian mian at Hwa Nam, Upper Thomson. Dining at this place is like stepping back in time. I hope this place stays here as long as it can. Lately, the surrounding vicinity is transforming into place buzzing with trendy cafes and ice cream shops, it’s tough to find such traditional eateries offering a no-frills dining atmosphere while sweating over stacks of piping hot dim sum.

photo (64)photo (68)

photo (63) photo (62)

Yearning | To check out new cafes and eats which have been sprouting around town. They are Artistry, Penny UniversityOmakase Burger and Pact.

Alright! Off I go soak in the sights and sounds of this last bit of the weekend. Tata! says Tommy, the cat.

photo (67)