Still moments

An album containing photos of sis and I was pulled out this morning. The album’s corners were edge and pages were orange-yellow, making the whole situation even more endearing. Quietly surviving through my childhood, teenage years and now, this album has certainly travelled far and wide from cartons to cupboards.

I think it is important to sit down and look back at your old photographs once in awhile.    We can see how we’ve grown and mature or to help remind us of the incredible enjoyable moments we once had with our cousins, grandparents or kindergarden friends. Also, I like how old pictures contain less drama and more meaning, unlike those sitting in my facebook album currently.

These are mainly pictures of sis and I doing posing silly in front of a camera.  They are rare little memories or mementos which deserve sharing for fun. If it was worth remembering, if it was worth keeping, if it was worth looking again, then it was surely worth photographing!