Competitive Wood Planing

Watch and marvel at what these craftsmen can do. The wood plane is a tool that woodworkers use to reduce flat surfaces. In Japan, the use of the wood plane is a competitive sport by masters of the craft. In the video, you can see them cut long slices of wood in sheets as thin as 9 microns! The dedication put to perfecting their craft is an inspiration for all of us.


Bringing Crayons Back

Out goes Crayola and in comes Aozora! These dot pixelated crayons grants one with an array of hues to experiment around with. This recent creation by the Japan-based company, Assist On, the Dot Flowers crayons ensure that no two strokes are ever alike.

Crafting them into rectangular blocks, I find this look more refreshing then the classic rounded crayon shape. The Dot Flowers Crayon set contains 6 unique crayons that are each comprised of multiple color dots. Each color combination is designed to emulate a specific flower.

I’d love to get my hands on these crayons and witness how a simple line can lead to unexpected outcomes. Enjoy free shipping worldwide from now till 31 July.

images by jpdesign


DIY Your Own Washi Tape

The first time I laid my hands on a roll, my hands simply succumbed to its pretty, delicate and colorful nature. Since then, I’ve been on a Washi Tape frenzy. I like how it’s never too sticky and you can use it for all kinds of craft and decor projects.

Seeing this adorable tape printer by Coharu just made my evening a little bit sweeter. Shaped to look like a tiny suitcase,  it offers over 385 different images and 6 fonts for one to play around with.

photo credits: Petit Pot