Check out bottleLoft strips. Hang your beer bottles on the roof of your refrigerator using this strip of magnets so as to maximize the storage space in your fridge. No more taking everything out or shoving the bottles/jars in whatever crevices you can find. This idea is simple and brilliant. Definitely one of those “why didn’t I think of that earlier?” moments.

Available for purchase on Kickstarter.


Your Body is A Wonderland

This is so refreshing and Willy-Wonka-ish! Body painting  artist, Trina Merry paints nude models into New York City skylines. She seamlessly blends their body parts into the surrounding urban environment.

‘my surface is living, breathing human beings, making this a highly relevant & immediate medium.’ merry describes ‘I use non-toxic hypoallergenic paint applied with a brush or airbrush. the painting is temporary, like a tibetan sand painting, beginning to change into another work as soon as I stop painting, changing texture & color.’”

via designboom

Sorry, I Spent It on Myself by Harvey Nichols

This made me smile today. It’s a campaign called “Sorry, I Spent it On Myself” by Adam&EveDDB London for UK luxury department store, Harvey Nichols. Tied in with the Christmas season last year, Harvey Nichols encouraged shoppers to spend more on themselves. They introduced a collection of simple stationery and accessories like paper clips for 99p. As the video ad progresses, we gradually realize that impeccably dressed gift-givers appear to have spent more on themselves rather than their dear ones.

Are you guilty of being an unapologetically selfish shopper too? This campaign went on to clinch the Grand Prix Award (Integrated) at Cannes Lions Festival 2014.



(photos via here)

On a side note, don’t you think the product packaging resembles quite like Muji’s?

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Being a superhero isn’t all about fighting crime and helping the underprivileged , you know? If you take a look at these secretly released photos, you’ll see that they perform the most mundane daily task of restocking the toilet roll supply in your bathroom too.







Unusual Vending Machines

Gone are the days when we turn to vending machines to satisfy our Hello Panda or Nescafe cravings fix. Vending machines – they are not just for all things edible anymore. I was walking around the all-luxe Robinson’s mall (a $40-million flagship located where the old Heeren was) over the weekend and spotted something interesting amidst all the upscale male fashion brands.

Strategically placed near an oversized leather couch, this machine isn’t difficult to spot. It offers readers three issues (current and back-copies) of August Man – a local men’s luxury lifestyle publication. Priced at $7.90 per issue, I felt this tie-up between a luxury magazine and a mall is so appropriate. After all, this publication seeks to target the more affluent and style conscious individual which most likely fits the profile of a buyer at this Robinson’s outlet.

photo 1photo 2 photo 3

This discovery inspired me to find out other unique vending ideas around the world. Here is a short compilation of the more unusual or innovative ones !

1. Egg Vending Machine in Japan 

2. “Sprinkles” Cupcake ATM in US

Honestly, I think I would prefer the traditional retail experience when buying a cupcake. The combination of getting a cupcake from an instant machine just hints tasteless and staleness to me.

3. Lobster Vending Machine in Las Vegas

4. Fresh Salads Vending Machine in Tokyo

5. Gun Vending Machine in South Africa

A New-Zealand based ad agency spearheaded this campaign promoting a gun-free society. The line under “insert coin below” reads” “Your donation will go to the Gun Control Alliance, for a gun-free South Africa”. In a way, it also demonstrates to the public how guns are so easily accessible within the country.

6. Bicycle Vending Machines in Europe

This one is my favourite. Say hello to Bikedispenser! These 24/7 operating stations are scattered around cities in Europe. Commuters can ride from one destination to another and drop the vehicle off at the next nearest dispenser. Singapore should consider implementing this idea at our MRT stations isn’t it? It promotes a greener commuting method and also saves you the hassle of locating a bicycle parking space.



Creative Spotlight: Aakash Nihalani

Love his work! New York-based street artist, Aakash Nihalani creates visually striking optical illusions using neon tape and people as his canvas. According to his biography, what makes his work so appealing is the intentional interplay between the shapes he uses and the unconventional means of portraying them. At first glance, we expect to see a simple geometric arrangement, but in reality, his work makes us stop and go…”Wait a moment….how did he do that!” Below are some of his mind-bending installations spotted on the streets.

(via Colossal)

(via Colossal)

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(via Design Milk)