Creative Spotlight: Chew Hon Lam

Getting tickled over his work at 12 midnight. Based in Malaysia, Chew is an illustrator who designs and sells t-shirts at Hope you’ll enjoy seeing his work too!











Instagram Keepsakes

It’s no secret the Facebook-owned photo sharing app, Instagram has taken the world by storm! Today, Instagram’s daily use has more than septupled, growing from 900,000 people to around 7.3 million people a day. On Thanksgiving day itself,  there were over 10 million photos shared of all things delicious.

As we enter this festive season of gift-giving, here are 4 awesome ideas to transform your instagram photos into real keepsakes.

(photo via Prinstagram)

Printstagram transforms your photos into an assortment of products like physical square prints, mini-sticker book, spiral-bounded book, a poster and calendar! At US10 for 252 mini square stickers, I think it’s a pretty good deal!

(photo via CanvasPop)

There is nothing more satisfying than decorating your walls with artwork and photos entirely by your own creation. CanvasPop makes it easier for you to do so. It allows you to make gorgeous canvas prints of any size and resolution from your Facebook, Instagram, Photobucket or Flickr.

(photo via digital camera world)

Introducing a refreshing concept called the Instagram SocialMatic camera – a camera that lets people snap photos, share them online and print them out as squared sticky-note-style photos. With neat specs like 16gb of storage space, wi-fi and bluetooth connectivity, touchscreen capability, LED flash and an internal printer, I’m sure it will be a hit among photo enthusiasts all around the world. Proposed released date of mid 2013. Price unreleased.

(photo via Kickstarter – Projecteo)

Projecteo is my favourite of them all! The whole idea of Projecteo is to allow users to store photos in collectible photo wheels of 35mm film that are compatible with their mini projector. I really like this idea. I remember playing with something similar when I was younger, minus the projection part.

As of today, this concept is currently under a Kickstarter project where the team hopes to gather public funding via pledges. If everything goes smoothly, manufacturing will commence in Jan 2013! Currently retailing at US20 for early-pledgers and US25 subsequently.

DIY Your Own Washi Tape

The first time I laid my hands on a roll, my hands simply succumbed to its pretty, delicate and colorful nature. Since then, I’ve been on a Washi Tape frenzy. I like how it’s never too sticky and you can use it for all kinds of craft and decor projects.

Seeing this adorable tape printer by Coharu just made my evening a little bit sweeter. Shaped to look like a tiny suitcase,  it offers over 385 different images and 6 fonts for one to play around with.

photo credits: Petit Pot