Three Doors Down

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I’m officially into my 3rd week of work! The past week saw me rushing for a couple of deadlines, meeting new people, being at new places and tasting six types wines at one meal. A progress of sorts, I suppose. We all consume advertising all day long, in many different forms but we hardly ever pause and think what goes on behind the scenes of an ad production. The world of newspapers is a fascinating one, especially when we are living in an ever-growing digital environment. I pray this journey will be an exciting and enjoyable one. Like one colleague commented yesterday, we are at the age where we have to learn to “rough it out”.

How are you enjoying your weekend? I’ve got about two more hours to rest at home before I head out to Straits Times’ Health and You exhibition. Burnt weekend for sure. Thankfully, I managed to squeeze in ample time on friday night to organize a friend’s farewell dinner @ Timbre. We sang songs at the top of our voices and nobody bothered to say anything even if we sang out of tune. Awesome bunch of friends! 

Can’t wait to spend some time with Mr E after the event and a few other girl friends next week. It’s been too long.

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Two of A Kind

More and more I believe that doing our best isn’t about loving unconditionally but about just saying something truthful. And letting the other person have the rare advantage of knowing what we’re feeling uncloaked, even if it doesn’t make sense, even if the feelings are confused, even if the words are incoherent.

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Hi, Bye Saturday


Hello fellow earthlings! How has your week been going? It’s 12:51am now and I am slowly sipping the last bit of green tea. Finally there’s some time tonight for me to enjoy this playlist. I’ve tried listening to music on Spotify and Youtube…but always find myself going back to Soundcloud. It’s simple to discover great tunes and let you hear more of what you love.

Glad that weeks of planning for my toastmasters’ club 10th Anniversary were paid off tonight. All I’m really looking forward to now is to linger a little longer in bed tomorrow. First week of work just swam by like that. It was filled with so many firsts..I shall share more about this again soon. Navigating the world of work is a pretty confining activity. We’re constantly seeking answers for ourselves. We try to make sense of our experiences and relationships. We’ve cast ourselves far and wide into this new environment and now we’re trying to find ways to bring unity to feelings and situations that seem so foreign.

E’s picks are the best.


Lingering On


This picture of the sunset was taken sometime back. It was about 6pm and I remember lazing on my couch enjoying this special moment. The horizon was of a fine golden tint, changing gradually to streaks of apple-green hues and from that a deep blue. At that moment, I felt like I witnessed something so magical and it was played for me to see only. I know you must be thinking, “Wah, she got alot of time to lie down and enjoy sunset hor?” I think so too.

Over the past two months of leading life as a fresh graduate, I could afford to be a professional bummer. Every aspect of my routine was relishing this carefree life. I could open my eyes at 8am and drift back into my action-packed dream without giving two hoots about the time.  I knew the forthcoming 9 to 5 grind. My reality will soon be boxed into a 6 by 3 foot cubicle and when Friday finally rolls around, I can barely muster up energy to thank god for it.

This break is all coming to an end. I’ll miss leading life this way. 3.more.days….

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and I’ll call this place my new home! Good thing is, this job scope will give me the opportunity to be part of exciting marketing projects. Hang on tight, cos I’m in for a roller coaster ride…In front of me lies many learning opportunities and new relationships, with statements made in the interview process still ringing in my ears. It is true that the first three months of any job are an extension of the interview process which means…..I need to be on my game from Day 1 *pats the dust off my Jean Grey suit*

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Wishing all my Muslim friends a joyous Selamat Hari Raya!!!! The streets along Geylang Serai were buzzing with so much activities, food variety and colors when I was there last evening. Speakers were blasted with calls of goods on discount and the charcoal smoke intensified the festive mood in this area. I also discovered that my favorite go-to stall for chilled teh-terik drinks – Mr Teh Tarik has a entire coffeeshop at this area. Cool beans…


The focus of this picture is of course, not my face but my mole. I think it is growing bigger day by the day and it calls for a serious concern. Ok alright, the focus is on my blusher actually. I like to spend a few minutes here raving about my favorite Watercolor Blusher (in Cherub shade) from Daniel Sandler. I’ve been using the 15ml bottle for close to 5-6 months already and there’s still quite a bit of product left. It comes in a fluid, watery consistency. Simply dab a few dots on your cheeks and blend. The resulting look is fresh and natural on my fishball-cheeks. Try it!! I’m not sure if any store in Singapore stocks this brand but you can get it online.

I got mine from FeelUnique.com. Free shipping worldwide! (on orders above $20)

And with that, I shall embrace the final moments of freedom and head for an afternoon swim. Have a long awesome weekend, everyone!

Discovering Kampong Lorong Buangkok

Meow! Today’s weather is a stark contrast with yesterday’s, don’t you think? It’s 4 in the afternoon, the sky is grey and gloomy but there’s no sign of a downpour anytime soon. Not enough wind, I’m gonna suffocate. I think I should beat this sluggish mood by going for a jog soon. But before that, here are some snapshots from a recent adventure trip to the last surviving kampong village in Singapore.

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If you ever wondered how a simple kampong life was like, make a trip to Kampong Buangkok soon. There are rumors that this village will soon be “gobbled up” by our government to make way for new developments. Accessible by buses (50, 70, 103 and 854) from Yio Chu Kang Rd and a short trek via Gerald Drive, this place is a hidden gem amidst modern, city living. I read about this village online many times but to have physically gone down to explore is a different feeling altogether. Landed properties and high-rise HDB buildings scatter around the vicinity. The contrast is startling. Nowhere in Singapore can you witness a stark rural urban landscape. It was an eye-opener to see so many single-storey houses made of wood and wind-beaten zincroofs.

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The moment you step onto the dirt path linking all the houses it’s as though you traveled back in time. There’s sound of traffic is blocked out by chickens clucking and birds chirping (no kidding!)

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Electricity and water are provided by the government while their daily mails are delivered by a postman on a motorcycle once a day.Processed with VSCOcam with n1 preset

According to Wiki, residents here consist of make-up artists, foreign workers and mostly the elderly. The trust and community spirit is also quite evident here. Doors and windows are kept opened. Even some furniture and personal possessions are left outdoors.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

A old sign that displays a 4-digit postal code which was utilized in the past.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

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With increased media coverage on this place, I believe the level of “intruders” have risen lately. Just by roaming around quietly and snapping pictures, I may have invaded some of the residents’ privacy without knowing.  Just before I left this place, I managed to strike a short conversation with an elderly resident who was doing her routined sweeping. She was nice and welcoming. I sense that most of the residents here are as friendly as her. It is truly a special trait we can take away for ourselves.

Milk Tea

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From the editors of Matilda mag, “we hope to inspire an OMG or WTF, make you contemplate or simply provide accompaniment to your Battleshits session in the loo. Or, feel free to rip us up; bin us; chuck us through your shredder and line your bunny cage with our remnants….”

I picked up a complimentary copy of this local publication at Orchard Gateway last week and really enjoyed reading their quirky feature stories. One section under Fact Bag reads, “In Dongyang, China, there is a well-loved delicacy called “virgin boy eggs” or “tong zi dan”, which are made by soaking and boiling eggs in urine collected from young boys.”

Check out there Facebook page here.

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Anyone knows where Muji milk tea went? It’s been ages since I last saw it on the shelves.


When there’s a sale, there’s trouble. I came across this white top at COS. Something about the mesh lining I really like. E commented it is slightly baggy so I’m in two minds about it. Plus, it is rather costly to begin with. Whenever there’s an urge to splurge, my 5-day rule sets in. I simply delay gratification by another five more days to see if I still yearn it as much. Of course, this method can also lead to grief when you realized it’s sold out. Oh well….shopping isn’t that therapeutic after all.

3, 2, 1..Action

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Heya Internet stranger! This is the debut and official inaugural post for 2014. Yes, six months into the year and this sleepy enclave has awakened.  Thanks for dropping by this neglected space where I used to share little bits and pieces of my life. When I first started out writing a few years ago, I thought blogging could be one of my favorite past time activities. Hell was I wrong..maintaining a blog can be a lot of work. The three essential ingredients to maintaining a successful blog is to stay consistent, disciplined and passionate about the topics you write about, and the former two ingredients were obviously missing.

At times, I think bloggers out there write because they feel a sense of obligation to their readers to provide interesting content, or a mental liability of some sorts. Slowly, it becomes less enjoyable. I felt the same way previously and naturally, that motivation for churning out new posts was short-lived. As I attempt to jump back on the blogging bandwagon, I will do my best to write on topics I really care about. Who knows I may chicken out in the coming weeks…months..but I figured I have to deal with this challenge and see where this takes me. On the Internet, there’s billions of websites and content fighting for our attention. Fact: there’s more than enough content on the web already. Way more than enough. If this blog was to succumb to meaningless #selfies, then I guess there’s not much value to be gained for you readers. So, what’s in store for the future of A Curious Crate?

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As the title hints, this blog is all about staying curious. I believe as we stay curious about things, it will ignite ideas and passions we didn’t know existed. When I was in Thailand around late 2013, I was sitting at a leather craft shop in Chatuchak and curiosity hit me then. How will the market demand for affordable handmade leather goods be like among young adults in Singapore? “Hesitate no further! Just try it out and see what happens”, I thought. And so fast forward to today, three other good pals and I formed The Walnut Troop – a brand that focuses on bringing handmade leather goods to the community. The responses received so far have been encouraging and we’re sure taking baby steps to uncover its full potential.

My point is..curiosity has many guises. It could be spending time catching up with your favorite K Drama, taking a left turn instead of a right turn just to see where you’ll end up or experimenting with how Avocado + Honey work wonders on your skin. The focus of this blog will thus vary across topics on innovation, crafts and color, beauty/skincare, guerrilla marketing, music, cafe visits, travel experiences, movies and articles I read and will like to share with you guys. Plus, as I transition into the next phase of my life into the working world, I feel there’s no better time to practice writing and sharing ideas than NOW! This space shall be a place where I can retreat to or digress each week.

So, come along with me and let’s roll together. Oh! And may I add that what spurred me to revive this blog was due to an accidental stumbling of this free WordPress theme. I like this whole uncluttered look and this easy-reading font face. You know, as they say, “Tidy Place, Tidy Mind” !