damien hirst

Britain’s Richest Artist

Damien Hirst, the artist infamous for creating ridiculous works of art that were notable for nothing. He came to prominence with his controversial works that shock and aroused many. Sharks and cows cut open and preserved in huge tanks, a pickled sheep and a diamond-encrusted skull (it was sold for $150 million!) are some of his best known works.

For the Love of God

In Apr 2012, visitors arrived at the Tate modern art gallery and stood open-mouthed with astonishment in front of A Hundred Years. It was his first major animal installation consisting of a large glass case containing maggots and flies feasting on a rotting cow’s head. Surprisingly, Charles Saatchi was sold on the idea and bought his work immediately. Having known to torture living things for kicks, Damien went on to showcase In and Out of Love which features live tropical butterflies resting on a fruit bowl.

A Hundred Years (1990)

In and Out of Love (1991)

For a man who doesn’t shy away from the controversial, Damien is believed to be the world’s wealthiest living artist, with a net worth of about $388 million. When it comes to seeking inspiration and being creative, the sky’s the limit indeed!

Some of his other works:

Away from The Flock (1994)

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed at home (1996)

images via photoblog and artchive