kranji countryside farm

Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market – Neo Tiew Crescent

I’ve been visiting our local “atas” markets quite a bit recently. Last weekend, I brought my mum to check out Pasarbella. This week, we trotted over to the West area, armed with eco bags to store our shopping loots. Fresh seafood, homemade banana cakes, quail eggs and organic greens are just some things you can find at the quarterly held Farmers’ Market. It’s a fair featuring some of the island’s very own farmers and gourmet food makers (e.g. Skygreens, Bollywood Veggies, The Hunter’s Kitchenette. GSH Conserves, Soi 55 Thai Iced Tea and Uncle G’s Roast Meats).

I like the concept of farmers’ markets, specifically the good smells, atmosphere and the sense of occasion. However, products for sale don’t come cheap. A pack of spring onions for example will set you back at $3 vs the price at our neighbourhood wet markets of $0.30-$0.50. Of course, those people who are willing to pay for this price are probably more concerned about where their food came from and its process. People tend to equate farmer’s market with clean and wholesome food. Then again, I wonder how do people judge or certify that the product is really grown organically and eco-friendly?


The fair officially opens at 2pm. We arrived at 1.45pm via the Shuttle Bus from Yew Tee Mrt Station and were pleasantly surprised to see a steady stream of visitors walking in.


Skygreens stall selling maize, sprouts xiao bai cai, kai lan, alfafa and many more…

The event area is well-ventilated and sheltered so visitors can shop at ease.IMG_4431.JPG


I heard Uncle William’s quail eggs were sold out within two hours!

For more details, visit Kranji Countryside’s Facebook page . Other than this quarterly event, you can also make a trip to various food & fish farms situated along Neo Tiew Crescent. Click here to check out their respective opening hours. Go local, eat local!