Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market – Neo Tiew Crescent

I’ve been visiting our local “atas” markets quite a bit recently. Last weekend, I brought my mum to check out Pasarbella. This week, we trotted over to the West area, armed with eco bags to store our shopping loots. Fresh seafood, homemade banana cakes, quail eggs and organic greens are just some things you can find at the quarterly held Farmers’ Market. It’s a fair featuring some of the island’s very own farmers and gourmet food makers (e.g. Skygreens, Bollywood Veggies, The Hunter’s Kitchenette. GSH Conserves, Soi 55 Thai Iced Tea and Uncle G’s Roast Meats).

I like the concept of farmers’ markets, specifically the good smells, atmosphere and the sense of occasion. However, products for sale don’t come cheap. A pack of spring onions for example will set you back at $3 vs the price at our neighbourhood wet markets of $0.30-$0.50. Of course, those people who are willing to pay for this price are probably more concerned about where their food came from and its process. People tend to equate farmer’s market with clean and wholesome food. Then again, I wonder how do people judge or certify that the product is really grown organically and eco-friendly?


The fair officially opens at 2pm. We arrived at 1.45pm via the Shuttle Bus from Yew Tee Mrt Station and were pleasantly surprised to see a steady stream of visitors walking in.


Skygreens stall selling maize, sprouts xiao bai cai, kai lan, alfafa and many more…

The event area is well-ventilated and sheltered so visitors can shop at ease.IMG_4431.JPG


I heard Uncle William’s quail eggs were sold out within two hours!

For more details, visit Kranji Countryside’s Facebook page . Other than this quarterly event, you can also make a trip to various food & fish farms situated along Neo Tiew Crescent. Click here to check out their respective opening hours. Go local, eat local!



The Heritage Shop Singapore

One man’s thrash is indeed another man’s treasure. What’s old fashioned and out of style to one person is a vintage find to another. Stumbling upon The Heritage Shop is like discovering a treasure trove. Vintage magpies would love sifting through thousands of collectibles found in this shop. They carry a huge collection of watches, tingkat cans, telephone, fans, pots and pans, typewriters etc. which are mostly available for rental/sale. Be sure to pop by this store if you are looking for a statement vintage piece to add to your home! I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

IMG_3441 IMG_3475.JPG IMG_3477.JPG IMG_3447.JPG IMG_3481.JPG IMG_3479.JPG IMG_3487.JPG IMG_3489.JPG

The Heritage Shop
93 Jalan Sultan
Tel: 6223 7982

Lingering On


This picture of the sunset was taken sometime back. It was about 6pm and I remember lazing on my couch enjoying this special moment. The horizon was of a fine golden tint, changing gradually to streaks of apple-green hues and from that a deep blue. At that moment, I felt like I witnessed something so magical and it was played for me to see only. I know you must be thinking, “Wah, she got alot of time to lie down and enjoy sunset hor?” I think so too.

Over the past two months of leading life as a fresh graduate, I could afford to be a professional bummer. Every aspect of my routine was relishing this carefree life. I could open my eyes at 8am and drift back into my action-packed dream without giving two hoots about the time.  I knew the forthcoming 9 to 5 grind. My reality will soon be boxed into a 6 by 3 foot cubicle and when Friday finally rolls around, I can barely muster up energy to thank god for it.

This break is all coming to an end. I’ll miss leading life this way. 3.more.days….

photo (6)

and I’ll call this place my new home! Good thing is, this job scope will give me the opportunity to be part of exciting marketing projects. Hang on tight, cos I’m in for a roller coaster ride…In front of me lies many learning opportunities and new relationships, with statements made in the interview process still ringing in my ears. It is true that the first three months of any job are an extension of the interview process which means…..I need to be on my game from Day 1 *pats the dust off my Jean Grey suit*

photo 4 (4)

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Wishing all my Muslim friends a joyous Selamat Hari Raya!!!! The streets along Geylang Serai were buzzing with so much activities, food variety and colors when I was there last evening. Speakers were blasted with calls of goods on discount and the charcoal smoke intensified the festive mood in this area. I also discovered that my favorite go-to stall for chilled teh-terik drinks – Mr Teh Tarik has a entire coffeeshop at this area. Cool beans…


The focus of this picture is of course, not my face but my mole. I think it is growing bigger day by the day and it calls for a serious concern. Ok alright, the focus is on my blusher actually. I like to spend a few minutes here raving about my favorite Watercolor Blusher (in Cherub shade) from Daniel Sandler. I’ve been using the 15ml bottle for close to 5-6 months already and there’s still quite a bit of product left. It comes in a fluid, watery consistency. Simply dab a few dots on your cheeks and blend. The resulting look is fresh and natural on my fishball-cheeks. Try it!! I’m not sure if any store in Singapore stocks this brand but you can get it online.

I got mine from Free shipping worldwide! (on orders above $20)

And with that, I shall embrace the final moments of freedom and head for an afternoon swim. Have a long awesome weekend, everyone!

Discovering Kampong Lorong Buangkok

Meow! Today’s weather is a stark contrast with yesterday’s, don’t you think? It’s 4 in the afternoon, the sky is grey and gloomy but there’s no sign of a downpour anytime soon. Not enough wind, I’m gonna suffocate. I think I should beat this sluggish mood by going for a jog soon. But before that, here are some snapshots from a recent adventure trip to the last surviving kampong village in Singapore.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

If you ever wondered how a simple kampong life was like, make a trip to Kampong Buangkok soon. There are rumors that this village will soon be “gobbled up” by our government to make way for new developments. Accessible by buses (50, 70, 103 and 854) from Yio Chu Kang Rd and a short trek via Gerald Drive, this place is a hidden gem amidst modern, city living. I read about this village online many times but to have physically gone down to explore is a different feeling altogether. Landed properties and high-rise HDB buildings scatter around the vicinity. The contrast is startling. Nowhere in Singapore can you witness a stark rural urban landscape. It was an eye-opener to see so many single-storey houses made of wood and wind-beaten zincroofs.

Processed with VSCOcam with a2 preset
















Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

The moment you step onto the dirt path linking all the houses it’s as though you traveled back in time. There’s sound of traffic is blocked out by chickens clucking and birds chirping (no kidding!)

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Electricity and water are provided by the government while their daily mails are delivered by a postman on a motorcycle once a day.Processed with VSCOcam with n1 preset

According to Wiki, residents here consist of make-up artists, foreign workers and mostly the elderly. The trust and community spirit is also quite evident here. Doors and windows are kept opened. Even some furniture and personal possessions are left outdoors.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

A old sign that displays a 4-digit postal code which was utilized in the past.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

photo 1 (7) photo 2 (6)

photo 3 (3)

With increased media coverage on this place, I believe the level of “intruders” have risen lately. Just by roaming around quietly and snapping pictures, I may have invaded some of the residents’ privacy without knowing.  Just before I left this place, I managed to strike a short conversation with an elderly resident who was doing her routined sweeping. She was nice and welcoming. I sense that most of the residents here are as friendly as her. It is truly a special trait we can take away for ourselves.

Birthday Staycation: Lloyd’s Inn Singapore

Time really flies when you’re having fun. A few days before my birthday last year, I remember getting duped by two close friends who tricked me into a one-night staycation at Hotel 1929! It was an awesome experience which I still fondly remember today. We started off meeting at a mall before we were supposed to head to our lunch location.

Then,  one of them suddenly mentioned she needed to hand over something to a client. Didn’t find anything suspicious while we were in the cab and even after we reached the hotel….till we three finally adjourned in a cosy hotel room! I remember lots of endless giggles and jumping on the fluffy white bed thereafter. This happened in 2013.DSC03903photo (10)

Like what one of them said, somehow the stars aligned again this year and another staycation opportunity sprung up! I was simply told to pack a set of overnight clothes and my passport. That evening, we enjoyed  2-hrs Mookata dinner and caught up as usual. I began to suspect something was wrong when they didn’t seemed in a rush to catch a ferry/coach. My instincts proved me right! The passport idea was just a fake! Our cab drove right up to an unsuspecting place at Lloyd Rd.

Our city escapade began right here at Lloyd’s Inn.

Photo 31-5-14 11 14 49 am

(Photo of the old Lloyd’s Inn via here)

Designed by my previous company, FARMWORK, Lloyd’s Inn is a newly refurbished 34-room boutique hotel located in the heart of Somerset area. The photo above shows how the previous Lloyd’s Inn looked like, it was branded as a budget motel in every sense, with few facilities and barely any focus on the design aspects.

We arrived at Lloyd’s Inn at night. These photos were taken by my iPhone during the next day. Upon entering the hotel through a little gate, you’ll be greeted with the modernist style of the building. The decor is minimalist with lots of exposed concrete, accents of black and white and occasional pops of lush greenery.

Photo 31-5-14 11 22 26 amPhoto 31-5-14 11 09 16 amPhoto 31-5-14 11 08 53 amPhoto 31-5-14 11 09 21 am (1)

We arrived on the night of the soft launch so check-in was pretty smooth and fuss free. I felt the reception lobby really set the tone of the whole hotel – peaceful, calm and clean. While waiting for your rooms to be processed, you can also sit around and browse a selection of Cereal or Kinfolk copies.

This hotel does not boast an impressive array of fancy facilities. At least, it offers guests the comfort of an outdoor garden patio and a mini dipping pool. There’s also a few lounging chairs for you to soak up the holiday sunshine!

Photo 31-5-14 11 22 19 amPhoto 31-5-14 11 21 53 am

While the lobby is the heart of the hotel, the guest rooms reveal its soul. There are a range of room types for you too choose from, depending on your travel needs and purpose of stay. From the Standard Rooms to the luxe Suite Rooms, the experience and design on the interior remains consistently, refreshingly raw. Our designated room for the night was “The Garden”.

On top of the basic comforts of the standard room, this room features an outdoor garden and a lounge chair. The room size is not too cramped like some other boutique hotels and amenities are adequate for the business traveller or couples. Each room also comes with a light Biscotti snack made from a tie-up with Freshly Baked bakery situated along Killiney Rd. A very thoughtful detail.

photo (4)Photo 31-5-14 10 42 48 amPhoto 31-5-14 4 14 43 pmPhoto 31-5-14 10 28 32 amPhoto 31-5-14 1 41 14 amPhoto 31-5-14 10 32 37 amPhoto 31-5-14 10 39 40 am

Photo 31-5-14 11 20 46 am

The bathroom also reflects the contemporary nature of the hotel. It’s open concept design of the showering area makes one feel at one with nature. Of course, you can also choose to draw the showering curtains and make the most of your Grohe Rainshower experience. By the time we settled down, it was already 1 or 2am. Unfortunately, our next-door neighbors were making such a din in the room and we barely had a good night’s sleep. I’m wondering if the walls are even soundproof at all…the sound of their of their laughter felt so close to our bed, it was difficult to ignore.

Photo 31-5-14 11 10 52 am

Photo 31-5-14 11 10 35 am

Guests can also enjoy the complimentary beverages at the hotel’s outdoor pantry. The owners believe that breakfast should be enjoyed at one’s own pace. These are the neighboring homes just across the hotel.

Photo 31-5-14 11 10 39 am

Later in the morning, we took a quick tour around the hotel and popped by some other type of rooms. I stood in this room quite literally in awe. If i’m not wrong, this room is the “The Reading Room” which will set you back only at approx S$158/night!

Photo 31-5-14 11 02 47 am (1)Photo 31-5-14 11 02 37 amPhoto 31-5-14 11 02 05 am


Photo 31-5-14 11 17 18 am

Photo 31-5-14 11 10 47 am

Photo 31-5-14 11 18 56 am

That’s it for our one-night staycation at Lloyd’s Inn! We left this place knowing we’ll definitely be back very soon 🙂 Hope you found this short review useful for your next staycation plan. For bookings and enquiries, please visit:

Lloyd’s Inn Singapore
2 Lloyd Road Singapore S239091
Tel: +65 6737 7309

Flea Fly Flo

photo 4 (29)  photo 3 (34) photo 2 (40) photo 1 (39)photo 5 (21)

Bringing a congregation of talented local artists, designers and budding entrepreneurs in Singapore, Public Flea Garden hosted their occasional flea event at the National Museum over the Easter weekend. We found delight in a carefully curated selection of fashion wear, home & lifestyle items, jewelry, vintage memorabilia, men’s hair grooming products and edibles. I used to frequent flea markets when I was younger but not so much now. Public Flea Garden is a bit different, in a good way. Two of my happiest purchases, as seen above, are the brown medicine bottles and cheeky peanut-shaped cat.

Some of my favourite featured brands: The Paper Pan | Bertha & Biggs | Green Banana

Art Expressions

Singapore designers x japanese ceramic makers. Support them at