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(Photo via Mr Printables)

Just yesterday, I stumbled upon an entry on Mr Printables, featuring these whimsical looking wooden Kokeshi dolls. These meticulously hand-painted dolls can be found at UK-based creative online store – There are not many little decor pieces that can make you go ‘I need that!” immediately but these little friends here did just that to me.

Ranging from £20.00 (S$53) – £35.00 (S$74) for a single doll depending on the collection design, I think they’re more worthy of my money than my mum’s obsession with Mcdonalds’s Hello Kitty/Minion friends (oops). Ever wondered the origins of Kokeshi Dolls?

Apparently they originate from the Tohoku region of Northern Japan, an area well-known for its onsen (hot spring) resorts. Woodworkers then put their woodworking skills to make simple dolls to sell as souvenirs to onsen visitors. Some believed that the dolls represent a wish for a healthy child while others put it to a more practical use – by using it as a massage tool. Haha

(Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour dolls via

Other than these painted dolls, also offers other handcrafted goods like brooches. This one below features a geometric painted Stag. Another reason to file this store under your Bookmarks is because they offer worldwide standard shipping! So glad I found this site, now it’s your turn to check their goodies out!


(Enamel Stag Brooch and Bunny Brooch via

Coincidentally, one of my favorite tunes on SoundCloud is titled “Kokeshi Doll” too. Have a listen! By Spazzkid.