2012 & All That Jazz

2012 has been a year filled with a myraid of wonderful moments. There was a culmination of great, fulfilling opportunities for most life aspects such as travelling, self-discovery, career, studies, social relationships and love. It tested me in many ways and I’m thankful I emerged through happier and stronger.

Here’s to what’s best in 2012, highlighted pictorially.xmas'12-2Last Christmas gathering of the year spent with two of my most remarkable girlfriends at NAM NAM Vietnamese Restaurant followed by a gift-exchange at PS Cafe. From previous working colleagues to faces I look forward seeing to each work day to travelling buddies, I am truly blessed that our life paths crossed.

eventsBeginning of 2012 went by so quickly. I remember being mostly bogged down with prelims, exams and followed by the killing suspense leading to release of results. Managerial Economics (ME) was a subject I enjoyed thoroughly but it was also the one that took a toll on my mental health for fear I wouldn’t make it. Weeks into my internship went by and upon seeing my ME results , I recall pumping my fist into the air at my office desk. What followed up from my boss, (who was a man with few words) was clearly unexpected and funny. He might have sensed some unusual vibes erupting nearby so he stood up and I declared to him, “all passed!” And he went “hi-five!!!….”

As the year stretched on, I was also elated to attend the long-awaited wedding ceremony of my secondary school tutor, Edmund the avid smurf collector. Other joyous highlights to remember was our family trip to Bali. After learning that Sis will be home for two weeks, we thought a quiet escapade to somewhere serene will be timely. It was in Bali that I experienced parasailing, tasted the yummiest indonesian cuisine, met the friendliest people, rested our tired souls on a scenic beach under the buskin sun and witnessed a beautiful sunset with great company. The moment when the sun rays hit the pristine waters, reflected its majestic light on passing fishermen boats, is a sight I’ll never forget.

friendscollageGaining an extension after my internship with CBSi was another milestone of the year. Four months into juggling work and school in this crazy-paced world is no simple task. However, the people I work and learn with simply makes working seems so much more enriching than reciting theories.

There’s another aspect which I believe in life is to always be on this journey to pursue a greater, ultimate you. So I took up Toastmasters two years ago to master my communication skills and build a solid network of friends. This year, I finally attained my Competent Communicator Award and also plucked up the courage to participate in an Evaluation contest. Didn’t came home victorious or anywhere close but it really fueled my determination to improve speaking and contribute more to my club in the coming year.

evanandiAs I type this post, E is currently freezing his butt off in Korea. He has been sharing with me photo snippets of this bustling city, amongst them pictures of a toppoki dish, seaweed rice balls and a shot of busy night market.

I have appreciated every minute of our journey together. May we be able to continue savoring each other’s company, grow wiser together and discover more new places on our two-wheelers!

2013, may you be about new adventures. Happy new year, everyone!



Halloween at Grassroots TMC


Halloween celebration came a little late at our club this year. Nevertheless, these are a bunch of spontaneous goblins who dressed up as various fun characters. My favorite look has got to be Mr Jack Sparrow and Frankenstein! We were curious as to how he made the defined bulging shoulders look and later found out that Mr F actually placed 2 empty 500ml drink bottles under his jacket..very creative indeed!